Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

For all 3 SHSM Programs:

  • Volunteer as a peer tutor in a major course outside of the 40 hours community service
  • Volunteer to stamp passports in the SHSM office during lunch
  • Volunteer to supervise the SHSM office during lunch
  • Volunteer at curriculum night or school events representing the SHSM community
  • Volunteer to fundraise at the food fair representing SHSM

  • Facilitate CLAs with mentor teachers for SHSM students
  • Coach junior students in SHSM-approved curricular or extracurricular activities
  • Attend YMCA Leadership Camp (cannot double as certification)
  • Participate in YMCA Exchange Program
  • Participate in subject-related Competition
  • Attend a 2-day anti-bullying workshop
  • Attend a 3-day Central Ontario Leadership Seminar
  • Be an executive member for any club/council related to Science, Business, Technology, or Social Science

Career Exploration:
(Students will automatically be given this stamp via COOP)
  • Conduct job shadowing or job twinning with your supervisor during the COOP experience
  • Perform a day-long observation of a professional in your SHSM sector
  • Attend a conference or workshop with a focus on your SHSM sector
  • Participate in a local, provincial, or national contest or competition with a focus on business
  • Work with a mentor within the SHSM sector (This could be your supervisors during COOP)

For Biotech SHSM:
  • Volunteer at Science Olympics
  • Volunteer at Health & Wellness related school events