SHSM Graduation Party

The Biotech SHSM Under the Sea Graduation Party took place on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, after school in the library. Once everything was ready, the doors were opened to the party as everyone rushed in handing in their ticket to receive their $5 deposit and their cool SHSM sunglasses.
There were two masters of ceremonies (MCs): Jennifer Juy and Alikasim Rawji. They introduced themselves and welcomed everyone to the party. Afterwards, they introduced Principal Paputsis and the graduating president of SHSM, Saghar Mazarei, who both gave heartwarming speeches about the SHSM program.
Subsequently, the SHSM students lined up and posed for a group photo. They pulled down the net full of balloons to take an action-filled photo.

The MCs returned and introduced Ms. Chambers who helped the students make bath bombs. Shortly afterwards, the MCs ordered everyone to get food, starting with the graduates. There was bubble tea, sushi, cupcakes, and Goldfish crackers. 
There was also a photo booth where anyone could take a picture with a Polaroid camera. 
Finally, after the food was eaten, the party wrapped up and the volunteers cleaned up the library.